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Vision Scalper -

#1 Scalping Algorithm

Our mission is to provide the Forex Trader with an All-in-One tools that they can use to earn money without even monitoring it!

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Win Rate
Daily Trades

Proven Track Records

You will be surprise how our scalper work out to be truly easy to setup, while making consistant profits!

6k+ users are making profits right now.
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What's included in Vision?

Vision Scalper

28 Pairs Multi-Currency Scalper
– Support most Major/Minor pairs
– Attach only on ONE chart

Vision Scalper (S)

Standalone Scalper
– Attach on any chart (MT4)
– Support Gold, BTC, any available pairs from your broker

Vision Spy (Telegram Bot)

Vision Exclusive Telegram Bot
– Realtime Monitoring
– Profits Reporting
– Trade Monitoring
– Balance/Equity Watchdog

Verified Results

We started tracking since v8 release.

Stable Setting | Super Low Risk | 5-10% Profit/month | 5% – 15% DD


Turbo Setting | Medium Risk | 8-15% profit/month | 10% – 25% DD


Stable & Consistent Profit

Low DD, Tested using 99.9% Tick Data.


The only all-in-one tools that you ever need.

Don't trust us, trust the user's feedback

Look at how our scalper helps them to profit, you will want to join them.

See it LIVE in action

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a easy yet profitable scalper then vision scalper is the choice! Vision helps you to trade automatically with 0 man intervention!

Of course it is. You can try it yourself. We have “auto risk management” setting, you can choose whether you want to do it low risk (stable & slow profit), or you want to do it high risk (QUICK AND HUGE PROFIT!).

The file will be send to you after you purcase IMMEDIATELY in your email.

We have 2 situation here.

  1. If your MT4 account is “DEMO” account, you can use our EA without limitation!
  2. If your MT4 account is “LIVE” account, you need to send your MT4 ID to our support @ https://t.me/VisionEA_admin

Yes! You don’t have to purchase the license again, you can buy the extra Live Account slot with $100/account! 

Join our telegram to see the live actions and how the other traders are profiting from our EA!